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Act III Academy

Act III Academy is an all-inclusive educational alternative and/or support for students enrolled in homeschool programs, public school systems or private schools. Services are available to students in any subject and such services are aligned with common core standards. Services are individualized and offered to your student according to his/her learning style and need. At the academy, we offer services to students and parents in three ways: instruction, tutoring and coaching.

Instructional services include lesson plans, instruction and parent consultation.

Tutoring includes assistance in a subject a student may be struggling with or with a specific concept not understood.

Coaching includes helping a student follow his/her lesson plans in an allotted timeframe.

* All instruction follows common core standards and allows for an easy to follow sequence.


A complete online program for your student including instruction, assessment, lesson plans and parent consultation.


Assistance in any subject or concept your student may not fully comprehend.


Assisting your student in following the sequence of instruction by offering direction of instructional assignments, assessments and projects.